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Mr. Nice Guys Hydroponics is a California company based in Anaheim, at the heart of the indoor growing industry. We manufacture and distribute our own line of high quality liquid nutrients. Mr. Grow, Mr. Bloom, and Mr. Micro used to increase plant vigor through its different growth stages. As well as Bat Guano, and Worm Tea’s, like Mr. Wiggles used throughout the entire growing cycle, to encourage and boost the vegetative growth and flowering response. Seaweed extracts, like Mr. Seaweed extract and blooming enhancers such as Mr. Blossom as well as Mr. Nice & Sweet used to feed your plant, are like all of our other products made using only the highest quality chelated ingredients, and the best micro nutrients, available in the United States of America. We also stock premium soils such as Fox Farm Ocean Forest, Happy Frog, Sunshine #4 and Perlite. We stock other items for your growing needs such as, different size pots both net bottom and solid, Coco cubes, Root Mats, Grow Trays, High Pressure Sodium Lights, lighting Hoods, and all other lighting accessories. Most items are offered at wholesale prices to the public. Our products have a reputation of achieving high yields, as well as being very cost effective in both a hydroponic and a soil setting.

Mr. Nice Guys
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